Small Bell Sound Project

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Small Bell Sound Project

Run 5 Desert Marathon with blinds of neighboring country




  1. Getting over handicapped difficulty,
  2. Running is "cooperation", not competition to us
  3. Extending friendship with neighboring countries through running.

Recently the situation in the world is getting worse because of many reasons. But that is only political problem. Most important thing is to make a future we can live safely and get along very well with people. “We are runners ! Let’s run with different countries runners.That is thing we can do.”That is our activity Small Bell Sound

Blinds challenge the 5 desert marathon with gude runners of neighboring counries

We appeal to everyone in the world about importance of friendship between neighboring countries.




Namibia Desert 250km(May.2016)
Outside of that

The origin of “Small Bell Sound”

It is very difficult to explain to blinds how is road condition in desert. Especially for risky condition. Therefore we found a good way to use a stock with a small bell. It is way to tell blinds road conditions. We believe our relationship between neighboring countries will be better and better, if other people have same thought as ours. It is small start, but “Small Bell Sound” will be a big wave and spread it wide in the world. That’s why we named our project “Small Bell Sound”.


  • Mar.2013AtacamaDesert250kmFinish
  • Jun.2015GobiDesert250kmFinish
  • May.2016SaharaDesert250kmFinish
  • TBDGrandCanyon270km
  • TBDAustraliaOutback520km
  • Atacama Desert
  • Gobi Desert
  • Sahara Desert




Giho Kim Founder / 1968

There is a triathlon race in Tinian Island of Mariana Islands. The athletes run on the road which was transported atom bombs in 1945. That was builded on sad historical background,but now,beside of the road, many bananas,papayas and flowers have lush,and Japansea and Americans enjoy running chummily. There are difference of culture, history and realization,also language in our, but we run with help each other.

Team Japan

Tubakichi Sanshu Spiderman / Team Leader / 1971

Takahiro MurakiTaka / blind / 1951

Akihito MotohashiMoto / blind / 1962

Hiroko HondaHiroko / guide / 1968

Masuo KatoKatoman / guide / 1961

Team Korea

Sungin ChoCho / Team Leader / 1970

Yongsul LeeLee / blind / 1962

Hyejin KimJiny / gude / 1982

Seokwon JungJung / guide / 1976

Seokcho Lee/Dr.Seok Cho / guide / 1962

Team China

lixiao XuArlen / Team Leader / 1979

Qi WanWang Qi / blind / 1978

YongJie LiYong jie / gude / 1977

Hongqin TianDen / guide / 1969

Jun PeiPei / guide / 1971

HaiBiao GeNomin / guide / 1974

Team America

Michael DanishMike / Team Leader / 1983

RobertRobert / blind / 1978

Kate Liu-Bevan Kate / gude / 1979

Team Vietnam

Dang DucDuc / Team Leader / 1985

Nguyen Huy VietViet / blind / 1980

Diem Huynh Hoang Diem / gude / 1989



About donation

We need fund to continue this activity, please donate your warm heart for us.

  • Bank:Mizuho Bank
  • Branch:Aoyama in Tokyo
  • Account:2265735
  • Account Name:Small Bell Sound